How it's working


There must be a bond between the photographer and the model. Photography requires truth. I want you to feel good and at ease.  Therefore it is worth getting ready for the session :)


Step first.

We discuss the appearance of the session. We can talk via messenger, telephone, watsap or meet in person. We need to get to know each other a little. Maybe coffee?

Step second.

We are taking photos. No rush. 

Step third.

I send you raw small pictures, you choose the ones you want to buy. If you can't choose, I'll help you. 

Step four. 

I professionally retouch photoss (Adobe Photoshop i Adobe Lightroom). Photos will be ready in 2-4 weeks. 

Step five and last.

I give back the finished photos. The method is discussed in the step first.





Marta Stanisławiak

Fotograf freelancer - Fotografia Artystyczna

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