I mostly shoot outdoors, I don't use flash, only sunlight or continuous lighting.

Photos are subtly edited in photoshop (if you like).

I'm a lover of lifestyle photography, so I will come to your house or your favorite place. Also you can come to me, I know many beautiful places in my area. 

I am not afraid of challenges or difficult subject. I'm discreet and professional.

I mainly work in Bedfordshire and London but can travel anywhere in the UK. Feel free to talk about your photo shoot.

Together let's keep what is most precious - MEMORIES.

Join my team :)

How do I work

What about photography?

Some facts


My working style is professional.

I have been taking photos for over 10 years and professionally since 2019.

I studied in a wonderful Art High School in the country I come from, in Poland. I also studied graphic design at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Thanks to the knowledge I got in school, I can take better and better pictures. My motto is - learn for the rest of your life, that's why I'm still learning.

I want my photos to be better and better - for you.


...and I still really enjoy drawing ILLUSTRATIONS

especially for CHILDREN.



A few words about me

My name is Martha.

I am a huge lover of photography, but not only.

I am a versatile creator. In my professional career, I dealt with graphics, illustration, crochet design and many other arts.

With crochet design, we still like each other very much ;-)



Photography has always hed a special place in my heart. I specialize in all types of portraits. I will make a portrait of you, your love, your family, your dog...

I will come to your house or you will come to me. I love outdoor photography, I feel best in nature but if you prefer another place, just tell me.

It's very important to me that you feel good and comfortable during the photo session. That's why I care about your opinion and we discuss each photo session together beforehand.